Thursday, June 9, 2016

1st Assignment For Vizio Makeup Academy-Highlight and Contour

The first assignment for the Vizio Makeup Academy was for foundation, highlighting and contouring.  On a daily basis I don't highlight and contour, but when I have extra time or a special occasion, I add the extra effort.

I used the contour products that came with the makeup set that is part of the makeup academy.  I was impressed with the cream products!  The colors worked well on my skin and blended nicely.  Here is my before photo using the contouring map provided with the assignment.

And here is the after photo.  I may have blended away some of the contouring I applied, but I'd rather have that then the lines show.  I'll have to continue with my highlighting and contouring skills.

I am very excited about my makeup class and can't wait to continue learning!

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