Friday, June 26, 2015

#30daysofcolourchallenge May Day 19 Matte/Stamping

Day 19 for the #30daysofcolour May is Matte/Stamping.  I love matte nails, and love trying to stamp as well, so I combined the two.  For this manicure, I used Violet Abnegation from the Divergent set from Sephora, and Stamped with Mundo de Uñas Cream.  I absolutely love my polishes from MDU!  They stamp nicely, and have a large color range.  I used Zoya Matte topcoat.

Thank you for stopping by! Stay tuned for more nails!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#30daysofcolourchallenge May Day 16 Holo

I fell behind with posting my #30daysofcolour challenge photos!  I'll continue to post them because there are a few beauties!

Day 16 is Holo.  I love holo and have several holo polishes.  There is one that stands out and instantly became a favorite-Loaded Lacquer Clark, Glitter's Full from her 2014 Ha-Ha-Holiday collection.  This polish is such a beauty and has great formula.  Another lovely polish from Heather!
Loaded Lacquer Clark, Glitter's Full 

What are your favorite holo polishes? Thank you for stopping by today!