Thursday, April 9, 2015


I love seeing people's empties videos and posts, so I thought I'd save my trash and make my own!  These are empties for the past couple months-I hope you enjoy looking at my trash!

These are some perfume samples I've gotten from my sister from Sephora.  I loved all of these perfumes.  It's always fun trying new perfumes, especially samples!

The top item is Bare Minerals Well Rested in liquid form.  The concept was nice, but it didn't make a difference in my makeup.  It did make for a nice subtle highlight, but I have plenty of highlights.  I didn't finish this one, but decided to toss it because I rarely reached for it.  The Olay eye cream felt nice on the under part of my eyes.  There are three metal balls that felt cool when you roll them under your eyes.  I didn't notice any difference when using this product, but it felt nice.  Next up is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara.  I almost tossed this one right away.  The brush is HUGE.  Not just a little big, but ginormous!  I had a hard time getting used to this brush, but once I did, I loved the mascara.  I wont repurchase solely based on the brush.  The Rimmel Exaggerage eye primer did not work well at all.  I tried it a few times and gave up.  The small mascara is made by Markwins I believe.  It worked okay, wasn't awesome, but wasn't bad.

I got the Eclos skin renewal Clay Mask as part of a box from Freeman.  This mask felt amazing! I got several uses out of this packet.  If I were in the market for a mask, I'd definitely keep this one in mind.  I received the Apirita Express Beauty with aloe mask from a friend and it was nice.  I preferred the Eclos one though. The Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk broke out my skin as soon as I used it.  I gave it another shot and it did the same.  Needless to say, I didn't finish this.  The Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance perfume smells AMAZING! I almost want to purchase a whole bottle!!  The Smashbox lipgloss in VIP Pink was a beautiful color, great formula, but smells disgusting.  I couldn't stand it, so in the trash it goes.

This Biore face wash feels amazing!  I loved how it felt on my face and how it made my skin feel.  I definitely recommend this face wash!  This Tresemme Hairspray is by far my favorite hairspray.  I've purchased multiple cans of it, and I'll continue to purchase this hairspray.  I got these Olay wipes in a Walmart beauty box.  I LOVE them! I don't generally use makeup wipes, but I used these in my makeup for theatre class, and they worked AWESOME!  I recommend these to anyone who uses wipes.  They worked amazing.
My sister gave me the Bath and Body Works Pomegranate Lemon Cream lotion and boy does it smell amazing.  It didn't take me long to use up the bottle.  I loved the scent of the Philosophy Crispy Marshmallow Bars body wash/bubble bath.  It is a nice product, however, I think it is overpriced.  I probably wont repurchase solely on the price.  The Eclos anti-aging super concentrate night booster fluid smelled nice and felt good on the skin, though, I'm not sure it did much for my skin.  Sometimes its difficult to determine if something works when I don't use it for a long time.  The Avon Anew clinical advanced retexturizing peel seemed to work nice.  This is my second tub.  I feel like it helped keep my skin clear and smooth.

The UD Pore Perfecting complexion primer potion sample seemed nice, but it wasn't anything I'd run out and buy.  I have lower end primers that I like better.  Essie Matte About You is an amazing top coat, but it dried up after not using it for a while.  Lush Lemony Flutter.  This was the first thing I've ever purchased from Lush.  I loved it, I love how it feels and smells!  The Disturbed Potions Vanilla Jasmine Mango Intense Cuticle Cream is probably one of my favorite cuticle creams.  It works like a charm.  I'm not a fan of Jasmine scent, but I was able to get over it.  This stuff is amazing.  If you get a chance to try her stuff, I suggest you do!  I didn't finish this Nivia Lip Butter.  I like it, but I have found a new love-Lypsil.  These Nivia Lip Butters are pretty nice, though.  Finally, the Jose Maran Argan Balms are super amazing. I purchased a couple sets of these argan balms, and have loved every one of them.  I've only been using them on my hands, but they can be used for multiple things.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my trash!! Do you guys like these type of posts??  Should I keep doing them!


  1. I LOVED the dumpster dive!! It was a great read but I am lazy so bullet points of each item would have made it easier for me to read. Told you I was lazy! xoxo

    1. I wanted to keep my trash for another empties post, but I have to keep my place clean for company that is coming!! Thanks for the suggestion about bullet points, I'll keep that in mind!! :)